In this post, we’ll find the 6 best whey protein isolate powders for 2024 and what the difference is between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. But what is whey protein isolate? Whey protein isolate is a form of whey protein that has been further processed to remove most of the fat and lactose, resulting in a purer protein content, usually above 90%. This makes whey isolate protein powder an excellent choice for those looking to increase their protein intake without the extra calories or carbs.

Whey Protein Isolate vs. Whey Protein Concentrate

The main difference between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate lies in their protein content and purity. Whey concentrate contains lower protein (around 70-80%) and higher levels of fat and lactose. In contrast, whey protein isolate offers a leaner option with minimal fat and lactose, making it the best whey protein isolate option for lactose-intolerant individuals who want the most easily (and quickly) digestible form of whey protein.

But the other difference is cost and availability. When you see a container of “Whey Protein” in the store, the first thing to do is read the label. You’ll find that most whey proteins are made with whey protein concentrate, and you’ll notice that the containers that are made with whey protein isolate are generally more expensive. If two containers are about the same price, and one is concentrate but the other is isolate, then the isolate is a better value in this case.

Also, be careful of products with labels that say either “Whey Protein Blend” or even “Whey Protein Isolate.” You MUST read the ingredients. Often times, Whey Protein Isolate products will simply have 51%+ whey protein isolate on the ingredient list, and make up the rest of the protein with concentrate (so you’re not getting pure whey protein isolate). So if you want pure whey protein isolate, read the ingredients and make sure that the ONLY protein on the list is whey protein isolate. This is why our list of whey protein isolates only contain whey protein isolate.

How is Whey Protein Isolate Made?

Whey protein isolate undergoes a process called cross-flow microfiltration. This method filters out the unwanted lactose and fat, concentrating the protein in its most digestible form. The result is a highly pure whey isolate protein powder that’s easy on the stomach and quick to absorb.

Hydrolyzed Protein Isolate vs. Protein Isolate

Hydrolyzed whey protein isolate takes the process one step further by pre-digesting the protein, breaking it down into smaller peptides. This enhances its absorption rate, making it even faster acting than standard whey isolate protein. This variant is particularly beneficial for post-workout recovery when quick protein assimilation is crucial. It’s less common to find Hydrolyzed Whey Protein products, and we do include one on our list of whey protein isolate powders.

Different Uses for Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate

While both forms of whey protein support muscle repair and growth, whey protein isolate is preferred for those seeking weight loss or managing lactose intolerance due to its lower fat and lactose content. Whey protein concentrate, being more cost-effective, might be suitable for individuals with no lactose sensitivity and less stringent dietary restrictions.

Best Time to Drink Whey Protein Isolate

For bodybuilding, the best time to consume whey protein isolate is immediately post-workout. This timing takes advantage of the body’s anabolic window, facilitating optimum muscle recovery and growth by rapidly delivering amino acids to muscle tissues.

Optimal Serving and Daily Intake

The ideal serving size of whey protein isolate per serving for bodybuilding is about 20-25 grams. This amount is sufficient to stimulate muscle protein synthesis effectively. As for daily intake, aiming for 1.6 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, with a portion of this coming from whey isolate protein powder, can support muscle gain and recovery.

The 6 Best Whey Protein Isolate Powders for 2024

Whey protein isolate stands out as the best whey protein isolate option for bodybuilders looking for a high-quality, efficient protein source. Its ability to provide a high protein content with minimal extras makes it a staple in any serious athlete’s nutrition plan. Here’s our picks for the 6 best whey protein isolate powders for 2024:

1. BulkSupplements.com Whey Protein Isolate Powder – TOP PICK!

BulkSupplements.com Whey Protein Isolate PowderOur #1 pick for whey protein isolate because it ONLY contains Whey Protein Isolate (with a small amount of sunflower lecithin which they all have), plus it’s also the best value at only 3 cents per gram of protein (about a buck for a 30 gram serving). Whey Protein Isolate from Bulksupplements.com is the ultimate protein source for building strong, lean muscles. Packed with essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids, this unflavored powder supports muscle growth and recovery, making it perfect for active lifestyles. Quickly absorbed by the body, it promotes muscle tissue rebuilding, helping you achieve your fitness goals faster. Enjoy the benefits of pure, unflavored protein without added sugar or artificial flavors. Mix it easily into shakes, smoothies, or use it in cooking and baking. Trust our high-quality Whey Protein Isolate, manufactured with cGMP standards and third-party tested for quality assurance. Boost your protein intake with confidence!

2. SASCHA FITNESS Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate

SASCHA FITNESS Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate,100% Grass-FedOur top pick for Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate. This whey protein isolate powder from Sascha Fitness offers high-quality protein sourced from 100% isolate and hydrolyzed grass-fed protein, ensuring fast absorption for improved body composition. With 25g of protein per serving, it supports protein synthesis and muscle building, while being rich in BCAAs and EAAs to protect muscles and enhance muscle mass, resistance, and hormonal balance. Additionally, it contains digestive enzymes to improve digestion and prevent gas and bloating. Free from carbs, sugar, fat, and low in sodium, it’s ideal for those aiming to lose fat and achieve leanness. Sweetened with 100% stevia, it offers great taste without artificial sweeteners, and it’s allergen-free, being gluten-free and lactose-free. Developed by Sascha Fitness, a renowned fitness coach and health advocate, this protein powder is backed by expertise and a commitment to consumer wellbeing.

3. Nutricost Whey Protein Isolate Powder

Nutricost Whey Protein Isolate PowderThis is a great option to our #1 pick if you prefer a flavored Whey Protein Isolate. Nutricost Whey Protein Isolate Powder offers 30 grams of protein per serving with a rich chocolate flavor. It’s sourced from high-quality whey protein isolate. This potent formula is rich in essential amino acids, including BCAAs, supporting muscle growth and recovery. It’s made in a GMP-compliant facility in the USA, ensuring quality and safety. Nutricost prioritizes simplicity and transparency in its formulations, using only the best ingredients. With a range of delicious flavors available, Nutricost Whey Protein Isolate is a reliable choice for anyone seeking premium protein supplementation.

4. Dymatize ISO100 Hydrolyzed Protein Powder

Dymatize ISO100 Hydrolyzed Protein PowderDymatize ISO100 is a high-quality Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Powder with a legendary nutritional profile. Each serving provides 25g of protein from 100% whey protein isolate, with some of it being hydrolyzed for super-fast absorption. It also contains 5.5g of BCAAs, including 2.6g of Leucine, essential for muscle support, recovery, and growth. With 120 calories or less per serving, less than 1g of sugar, and 3g or less of carbs, it’s suitable for various nutrition plans, including keto and low carb diets.

  • Protein Source: Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate
  • 25g protein per serving, 20 servings per container
  • $1.67 per serving ($.067 per gram)
  • Buy Dymatize ISO100 from Amazon for only $33.43.

5. Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey Protein Powder

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydrowhey Protein PowderPlatinum Hydrowhey is a whey protein supplementation crafted exclusively with Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolates and is made by Optimum Nutrition. Engineered for excellence, this advanced formula breaks down larger proteins into smaller pieces, allowing ultra-pure whey isolates to swiftly enter your system for rapid muscle recovery post-workout. Each serving delivers 30 grams of protein, fortified with 8.8 grams of naturally occurring and added Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), plus 15.5 grams of naturally occurring and added Essential Amino Acids. This is a quality whey protein isolate from a trusted brand, Optimum Nutrition, but it is also the most expensive whey protein isolate on our list – nearly double the cost of other brands.

  • Protein Source: Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate
  • 30g protein per serving, 40 servings per container
  • $2.13 per serving ($.071 per gram)
  • Get Platinum Hydrowhey from Amazon for $85.08.

6. Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Isolate Infused Water

Protein2o 15g Whey Protein Isolate Infused Water

Unlike the other whey protein isolates on our list, Protein20 is a whey protein isolate that comes in a ready-to-drink form. With a focus on quality and nutrition, their formula offers a lower-calorie alternative to traditional protein shakes, free from unnecessary calories, carbs, and sugar. Each serving contains at least 15g of Whey Protein Isolate, packed with essential BCAAs to support muscle recovery, curb appetite, and provide sustained energy throughout your day. If you like sports drinks like Gatorade and don’t want to fuss with mixer bottles or Magic Bullet’s, then give Protein20 a try!

  • Protein Source: Whey Protein Isolate
  • 15g protein per serving, 12 servings per 12-pack
  • $1.57 per serving ($.10 per gram)
  • Get Protein20 from Amazon for $18.89.

Whey protein isolate stands out as the premium choice for those seeking a high-quality protein supplement. Also, it is a great alternative to grass-fed whey protein powders. With its superior purity and minimal fat and lactose content, whey isolate provides a lean protein source ideal for supporting muscle growth and recovery. Unlike whey protein concentrate, isolate offers a cleaner option, making it suitable for lactose-intolerant individuals and those aiming to reduce their calorie and carbohydrate intake. Whether you prefer the rapid absorption of hydrolyzed whey protein isolate or the standard form, incorporating whey protein isolate into your daily routine can help you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently. So if you’re not sure which whey protein isolate is best for you, try either our #1 pick, Whey Protein Isolate from Bulksupplements.com (unflavored and no fillers), or if you prefer a flavored shake-style protein, you should go for Nutricost Whey Protein Isolate Powder. And if you want one that’s slightly easier and faster to digest, give Sascha Fitness Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate a try. Now hit the gym and be sure sure to get about 25 grams of protein right after your workout!

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