Selecting the right pre-workout supplement from the sea of options available can be a daunting task. With numerous brands, flavors, and ingredient lists to consider, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive list of pre-workouts and their ingredients aims to simplify the selection process, making it easier for you to find the pre-workout that aligns with your fitness goals. The list is below, and you can sort by all the ingredients such as milligrams of caffeine, creatine, BCAAs and exotic additions like Yerba Mate, Guayusa Extract, Black Pepper Extract, Green Tea, Narigin Extract and so many more.

Understanding the ingredients is key to finding a pre-workout that caters to your specific needs. Here are a few commonly sought-after ingredients and their benefits:

  1. Creatine Monohydrate: Enhances strength, power output, and muscle endurance, promoting overall performance during intense workouts.
  2. Beta-Alanine: Increases endurance by reducing fatigue, allowing you to push harder for longer periods.
  3. Caffeine: Provides an energy boost, improves focus, and enhances alertness, helping you power through intense training sessions.
  4. L-Arginine: Promotes vasodilation, leading to improved blood flow, increased muscle pumps, and nutrient delivery to muscles.
  5. BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids): Aids in muscle recovery, reduces muscle soreness, and supports muscle growth and repair.

By identifying the specific ingredients that align with your fitness goals and dietary preferences, you can narrow down your options and make an informed decision. Below is our list that you can sort by various ingredients in case you’re looking for more of one ingredient (or if you want to find a caffiene-free preworkout, etc.). For products that list an ingredient without specifying the amount, we simply indicate the ingredient with a “YES.”

ImageProduct NameBrandLink to AmazonGrams/ContainerServing Size (grams)CaloriesTotal Carbohydrates (g)SweetenerB3 (mg)B6 (mg)B12 (mg)Vitamin C (mg)Vitamin D (mg)Thiamin (mg)Niacin (mg)Folate (mg)Choline (mg)Sodium (mg)Calcium (mg)Potassium (mg)Magnesium (gm)L-Citruline (mg)L-Leucine (mg)L-Isoleucine (mg)L-Valine (mg)Betaine (mg)Beta-Alanine (mg)Arginine (mg)Agamtine Sulfate (mg)Creatine Monohydrate (mg)Creatine HCl (mg)Creatine Nitrate (mg)Coconut Water Powder (mg)Taurine (mg)N-Acetyle-L-Tyrosie (mg)Acetyl-L-Carnitine Hydrochloride (mg)L-Tyrosine (mg)Caffeine (mg)L-Theanine (mg)L-GlutamineL-PhenylalanineL-ThreonineL-LysineL-MetheonineL-CarnitineL-TartrateL-Histidine HCLTheobromine (mg)Green Tea Extract (mg)Narigin Extract (Citrus grandis) (mg)Black Pepper Extract (mg)Methylcobalamin (mg)Yerba Mate (mg)Huperzine-A (mg)Rhodiola Root Extract (mg)L-Alpha-glyceryl phosphorcholine (mg)Ancient Peat Extract (mg)Guayusa Leaf ExtractHuperzia Serrata extract (mg)AstraGin (mg)ActiGin (mg)
Pre-Kaged Premium Pre-WorkoutKaged MuscleBuy on Amazon57428.7204--250.5---30--50---6500475087587525001600--01500-50020001000-850274-----------------------
Total War PreworkoutRedcon1Buy on Amazon44114.7--Sucralose-------------6000----3200-1000----1000---350---------50452510----------
Gold Standard Pre-WorkoutOptimum NutritionBuy on Amazon30010103Sucralose-20.01-0.01252200.34-2050--750----1500--3000----250375-175-------------------
C4 Sport Pre-WorkoutCellucorBuy on Amazon270951Sucralose-0.0350.035------60222012-----YesYes-Yes---Yes---135-------------Yes---------
Explosion Pre-WorkoutSix StarBuy on Amazon2107100Sucralose---250--30------Yes----15001100-1500---Yes--Yes135-----------------------
NitrosurgeJacked FactoryBuy on Amazon2498.3--Sucralose-------------3000---12501600----------180---------50-------------
Lumberjacked Premium Pre-WorkoutKodiak SupplementsBuy on Amazon2979.9--Sucralose300.50.1----------5000----3000-------500--225150---------50---1000.2-------
Max Pump Mammoth Pre-WorkoutMammoth LabsBuy on Amazon2558.5301Sucralose----------25--4000----2000----------175100---------------125------
Venom PreworkoutStryveVenom Preworkout48412.1--Sucralose1512.50.25----------3500---12501250-500----500--500150125-----------5--0.15-250-----
C4 Original Pre-workoutCellucorBuy on Amazon1956.501--0.50.035250--300.417----------16001000---1000----Yes150-----------------------
Alani Nu Pre-WorkoutAlani NuBuy on Amazon3069.9--Sucralose-------------6000----1600---------500200200----------------------
Explosion Ripped Pre-WorkoutSix StarBuy on Amazon210700----250--30-40----Yes----15001100-1500---Yes---135-----------------------
Pre-Kaged Elite Pre-WorkoutKaged MuscleBuy on Amazon72036252--350.1---30--280-2500.06510000---25003200--3000-20005002000--2500388-----------------30015010010--
Pre-Kaged Sport Pre-WorkoutKaged MuscleBuy on Amazon26413.2102Sucralose-0.050.042------50--203500---12501600-----5002000--500188-----------------------
AminoLean Pre WorkoutRSP NutritionBuy on Amazon270900Sucralose---95-----100---YesYesYesYes-YesYes-----Yes--YesYes-YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes-Yes------------
Woke Pre-WorkoutBucked UpBuy on Amazon35011.91--Sucralose--0.1------100---6000----3200------100---333---------300-----0.05-200---2525

And we’re always adding new ones to this list! So if we’re missing your favorite preworkout and you’d like to see it on our roundup of preworkouts, simply drop a comment below and we’ll add it to future updates!

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