These energy boosting smoothie recipes use natural ingredients that will enhance your focus and keep you from napping at your workstation. Try one of these as a mid-meal snack to keep you going without snacking on a bag of chips.

And since you’re making it yourself, you know exactly what’s going inside your smoothie (and body) so you’ll be avoiding unnecessary added preservatives and processed ingredients. You can’t go wrong with any one of these 7 energy boosting smoothie recipes that help increase your metabolism naturally.

1. Raspberry Coconut Smoothie

RecipeĀ DeliciouslyOrganic.net

Coconut milk, raspberries and bananas make this a delicious smoothie, with flax seeds and honey added for a healthy boost (full recipe atĀ DeliciouslyOrganic.net).

2. Mocha Smoothie

Recipe via YogaLean

This Mocha Smoothie recipe from YogaLean packs protein powder, coffee and almond milk. The coffee gives a natural kick from caffeine, and the addition of 2 Tablespoons cocoa powder makes it taste even better. Use cacao powder (instead of cocoa) for added antioxidant properties (full recipe at YogaLean.com). Or kick it up an extra notch with 1 Tablespoon of Maca powder.

3. Metabolism Boosting Blueberry Smoothie

Recipe via SuburbanSimplicity.com

Blueberries and protein powder provide a great balance of protein and carbs to get this smoothie going. Then add some mix ins for added nutrition such as Flax Seeds, or even half an Avocado to put some good fats into your smoothie (full recipe at SuburbanSimplicity.com).

4. Mermaid Smoothie

Recipe via Womanista.com

With a name like Mermaid Smoothie, this one is a must try. This energy boosting smoothie uses Dragon Fruit as its star ingredient. Dragon Fruit has all sorts of antioxidant properties, plus vitamins B and C…and it has a unique flavor and color that makes this recipe so special. Balance it out with some Mango, Banana and Coconut Oil and you have a fantastic Mermaid Smoothie to enjoy (full recipe at Womanista.com).

5. Metabolism Boosting Breakfast Smoothie

Recipe via WhitneyBond.com

This energy boosting smoothie recipe is chock full of healthy ingredients that taste great and are great for you, too. Plus it has fresh Ginger and Cinnamon to give your metabolism a natural boost and no jitters. And it tastes great, too! Full recipe at WhitneyBond.com.

6. Banana-Berry Green Tea Smoothie

Recipe via AnAffairFromTheHeart.com

To do this recipe justice, you need to brew some green tea first (but you can use unsweetened pre-made green tea in a pinch…but only UNSWEETENED!) The Green Tea has natural caffeine to perk up this energy boosting smoothie recipe. Also, green tea is often used by bodybuilders as a natural metabolism booster so you know it works. Give this green tea smoothie a try (full recipe at AnAffairFromTheHeart.com).

7. Limeade Green Smoothie

Recipe via BakeYourDay.net

The all natural ingredients in this Green Limeade smoothie make it a powerhouse of energy. It starts with 2 cups of Spinach, Greek Yogurt and fresh Apple. Then add fresh Ginger root to kick up your metabolism and the juice of a large Lime for a unique twist on the usual smoothie flavor – you’ll dig it! Full recipe at BakeYourDay.net.