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7 Energy Boosting Smoothie Recipes

These energy boosting smoothie recipes use natural ingredients that will enhance your focus and keep you from napping at your workstation. Try one of these as a mid-meal snack to keep you going without snacking on a bag of chips. And since you’re making it yourself, you know exactly what’s going inside your smoothie (and […]

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maca powder and maca root

Maca Benefits – What Happens When You Take Maca Powder?

Maca is an under-the-radar superfood that has many health benefits. I stumbled upon maca powder while looking for smoothie ingredients and I’m so glad I did. Its earthy flavor balances out sweet additions to smoothies. Maca benefits and its restorative properties are undeniable. Here’s what happened after I started adding maca to my diet…and also my […]

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How Statins Work - Lipitor Pills and Pillbox

How Statins Work to Lower Cholesterol

Lipitor is the brand name for a type of medication that is classified as statins. There are many varieties and brands, but here’s how statins work… The purpose of statins are to lower cholesterol. As such, they are commonly prescribed for people with high cholesterol who cannot lower it with lifestyle changes. The good news is that statins are clinically proven […]

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more reps or heavy weights

More Reps or Heavy Weights?

In a new study, researchers got to the bottom of the age old question of which is better – more reps or heavy weights. The results were surprising. Here’s how it was tested… The study involved 49 males, all about 23 years old. It began by getting basic performance measurements. For two weeks, subjects underwent a series […]

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dark chocolate workout benefits

Dark Chocolate Workout Benefits

So an actual study was done to determine whether or not chocolate can give you a performance boost. It turns out there are dark chocolate workout benefits, but there’s an interesting twist. Here’s how the test was carried out… Nine male cyclists were selected. At the beginning of the trial, they were each measured to get […]

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human body xray

What’s the Body Mass Index (BMI)?

Using a BMI calculator is a great way to get a snapshot of your overall weight and health. It also determines where you fall on the weight spectrum that goes from “underweight” to “obese.” The Body Mass Index (“BMI“) came about in the early 1970’s. It became an effective tool for doctors to discuss weight with […]

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