Make Fitness a Habit -
Make Fitness a Habit

The Healthy Low Fat Diet Myth
Since the 1980s, powerful organizations like the US Government and the American Heart Association have urged people to practice a[...]
Resistant Starch and Butyrate – Can It Help With Weight Loss?
What is a resistant starch, and can it help with weight loss? When you eat carbohydrates, they generally come in[...]
Have Some Red Wine – It’s Good For You!
Enjoy the flavor of red wine? It turns out it's good for you, too! So next time you have a[...]
Protein Absorption – How Much Protein Can You Absorb In One Meal?
Protein absorption, and how much protein your body can absorb in one meal, is a frequent question among bodybuilders and[...]
Is Salt Bad For You?
Is salt bad for you? This is a hotly debated topic both in the medical community and at dinner tables[...]
Is Arsenic in Rice Harmful?
After decades of using arsenic based pesticides, trace levels of arsenic are found in just about every plant based food[...]

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Hi! I’m a 47 year old dad. I live in Burbank, CA (love it!) along with my wife, son & daughter…a happy, healthy family. But – for me – the healthy part wasn’t always this way. As I entered my 40's, my weight was up, I was getting sick all the time, and my doctor told me I needed to go on medication if I didn't make some big changes in my lifestyle. So here's what happened...